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Experience the Amazing Life Cycle of Ants

We capture queen ants that are just starting out in life and we give them an environment to help them thrive into a growing colony. You can experience the amazing lifecycle of ants by keeping a colony in a formicarium that displays the inner workings of their nest.

Desert Leafcutters Farm Fungus

Leafcutters tend a fungus garden by cutting leaves and flowers with their sharp jaws and weaving the pieces into the fungus. It is so much fun watching them work. They are the best ants in our opinion!

We Have Permits

We have USDA permits for ants in many states, mostly in the Southwest, which are required in order to ship ants across state lines. Every species of ant shipped has to be listed on a permit which are per state. Our ant product pages list states we are permitted to ship to for the ant species you are looking to buy.

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