Small Round Nest and Outworld


Gypsum cement nest that absorbs just enough moisture to make a great home for raising a beginning-stage ant colony.

Product Description

This small, and round nest and outworld combo is a big hit with tiny species ants as well as new colonies just past the founding stage.  The nest and outworld are securely connected with a tube to allow the ants to leave the nest to forage for food.


3 x 6 inches.  The outworld is 3 inches tall and the nest is 1 inch tall.

Nest Hydration

Humidity is achieved by adding a small amount of water, 2ml, twice per week to the lower portion of the nest using a blunt-tipped syringe.  As the water evaporates, the moisture is absorbed into the nest which is made of a mold-resistant gypsum cement.  It is important to not add too much water so it doesn’t become too humid.  The water level should never touch the nest.

What Comes in the Box

  • Custom-made nest and outworld similar to the ones shown in the pictures
  • 1 Blunt-tip needle and syringe for inserting water at the base of the nest


Shipping may be delayed up to 4 days while we make your product

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