Pheidole rhea


Pheidole rhea is a Big Headed ant species that is rare because it produces both majors and super majors. STATES AVAILABLE TO BUY PHEIDOLE RHEA: Arizona, New Mexico

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Product Description

Pheidole rhea is a very desired species because it is one of the largest Pheidole species in the world. The workers are trimorphic, meaning there are minors, majors, and super-majors.  Many antkeepers have said that these ants are their “dream species”. If you watch some videos online, you will see why they are so popular.


Maintaining a suitable temperature is crucial for fast development. Ideally, their nest should be kept between 85-92 degrees Fahrenheit, with a heating gradient if possible. Heating gradients can be obtained with a heating cable. Abundant feeding contributes to their accelerated growth. Given optimal conditions, colonies can expand to thousands of workers within the first year. Growth can be slowed by keeping them at room temperature and less frequent feedings (once or twice per week).


Their diet is versatile, consisting of liquid sugars like byFormica Sunburst, chia seeds, and protein sources like crickets, fruit flies, and mealworms.


We generally sell our ants in test tubes. If local pickup is an option for you and the colony is large enough to move into a formicarium, we may be able to move the colony for you provided that you buy the setup from our store.

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Colony Size:

Queen, brood, and 50+ workers

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