Bamboo Tube


Product Description

These bamboo tubes are great for all founding queen ants.  They work especially well for honeypots because when repletes arrive they can hang from the sides.

Regular test tubes with cotton holding back water need to be replaced when the water dries up. With bamboo tubes, water is re-added as needed through the spout.  The end-part of these tubes contains a little separate section that is full of sand and is blocked from the tube opening with gypsum cement.  The water spout is covered with a black plastic top that is removed when adding water into the sand. The sand helps keep the tube from becoming too wet. It’s important to add a little amount of water to the spout every week so that the sand stays moist and keeps the humidity consistent.

Now, why are they called “bamboo” tubes when they have no bamboo in them?  It’s because some types of bamboo tubes have segmented sections inside of them and they resemble bamboo.

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