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Our Ant Vacuum is a little but mighty powerful vacuum cleaner. It sucks up ants and everything else nearby.  It is great for capturing escapee ants and dumping them back into the outworld. We also use it for cleaning the trash pile in the outworld.

Can you imagine thousands of little ants crawling around the carpet of your bedroom floor? Now, imagine all of them being sucked into a vial within minutes. We don’t plan to have our pet ants escape but sometimes it just happens. Here at AntGear headquarters, we are prepared for the worst and we always keep our ant vacuum handy.


  • Ant Vacuum
  • Removable vial with included screw top lid
  • Vinyl tubing to help cleaning in between nooks and crannies in the outworld
  • USB cable for recharging unit

Note: this is not to be used to suck up dirt because the fine particles will get past the mesh screen and it will ultimately break the vacuum.


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