Pogonomyrmex barbatus


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Very similar to Pogonomyrmex rugosus but they are red instead of black.  These ants are a very good beginner species because they are hardy and easy to feed.


In the wild, they harvest seeds almost entirely.  They love dandelion seeds but also tolerate chia and blue grass. They also enjoy a weekly treat of pre-killed insect protein like crickets, dubia roaches, or meal worms. Like all ants, they need drinking water and sweets such as honey water, sugar water, or Sunburst Nectar. We recommend Sunburst because the ants love it and it is super easy to feed to them.


They have a powerful sting but tend to be poor climbers. Just make sure to smear a layer of fluon at the top of the outworld so the few that have managed to crawl to the top cannot escape. They can’t sting through rubber exam gloves so you might consider wearing them while cleaning the outworld.

What’s in the box?

The test tube full of the P. barbatus colony.

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