Meet Team Ant Gear

Ant Gear consists of two women who have turned a fun hobby into a business.

Ant keeping is infectious. Cindy became interested in ants because of her son’s fascination with them. A few years later, she had several pet ant colonies in her office and she was selling leafcutter ants to locals. She joked that she was selling ants to support her “habit” of spending so much on ant gear. In 2021, she made “Ant Gear” the name of her business.

Next came Amber. She had just finished automating the misting system in her Chameleon’s living space when her friend Cindy asked if she could help out with the Ant Gear booth at the 2022 Phoenix Reptile Expo. Amber said, “Why not?” and after two successful days at the expo, she took home one of the colonies that didn’t sell. It didn’t take long for her to fall in love with the little fungus farmers. She found a space on her bookshelf for her new leafcutter ant farm and the rest is history.

“We Do What We Love”

Amber loves working on acrylic designs for the laser-cut nests, and making and decorating outworlds. She cares for the ants and observes them in the custom formicaria they make and intend to sell on the website.

Cindy loves developing and working on the website content, designing 3D printed supplies, and making formicaria (Ant Farms). She also fulfills orders, and handles customer service.

They both love capturing the ants they sell on the site.

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