Camponotus pudorosus

Camponotus pudorosus is a carpenter ant species that produces beautiful copper-colored ants. STATES AVAILABLE TO BUY CAMPONOTUS PUDOROSUS: Arizona

Product Description

Camponotus pudorosus is a medium sized carpenter ant with a beautiful golden color. These ants have majors which have very large heads and are often 3/4 the size of the queen. Watching the ants during feedings is very entertaining, with the workers scurrying around and attacking their food even if it has been pre-killed.


Carpenter ants tend to be slower growing than other ants. To promote faster growth, daily feedings, and a heat cable are recommended. It is perfectly fine to feed them 2-3 times a week but the queen will not lay as many eggs. Since ants sold by Ant Gear are from the Southwest desert, they do not need to be put into hybernation during winter months. They do, however, have a slow period between Oct and Jan where they won’t be as active and the queen won’t lay as many eggs.


Their diet is versatile, consisting of liquid sugars like byFormica Sunburst, and protein sources like crickets, fruit flies, and mealworms.

Colony Size:

Queen, 5+ workers


We generally sell our ants in test tubes. If local pickup is an option for you and the colony is large enough to move into a formicarium, we may be able to move the colony for you provided that you buy the setup from our store.

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