Return Policy

If you are unhappy with your order, please let us know and we will do our best to remedy the situation.


We offer a live arrivalĀ guarantee as long as you chose at least priority (2 days) shipping. If your queen did not survive, please provide pictures and your order number to within 3 hours of delivery. We will either refund or, if possible, replace your order, not including shipping costs. A member of our customer service team will coordinate a refund within 2 business days.

Leafcutter (Acromyrmex versicolor) shipments are eligible for refund if there is no queen living on arrival. Many leafcutter colonies will have more than one queen but over time they often do not keep all queens in the colony. If at least one queen is living within the 3-hour time frame, the order is not eligible for refund. Again, shipping costs are not included in the refund.

Nests and Supplies

If your nest arrives damaged, we will replace it and ship you a new one. Photos of the broken nest are required for replacement. We will not replace non-broken items.

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