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Multi-Queen Leafcutter Ant (Acromyrmex versicolor) colonies with workers are now available for sale. STATES AVAILABLE TO BUY: Arizona, California, New Mexico, Texas

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Product Description

These aren’t your typical ants! With sharp jaws, they meticulously cut leaves and flowers into tiny pieces. They transport this plant matter to their nest, where it decomposes. In the decaying material, fungus thrives, which becomes their primary food source. We refer to this as a “fungus garden,” and these ants are the dedicated farmers. Within each colony, one or more queen ants lay eggs within the fungus, sustaining the colony.

Difficulty Level

Intermediate: Keeping these ants requires vigilance and daily observation to ensure their well-being. Consistent care, particularly in maintaining humidity and attending to the fungus, is crucial. While they may be suitable for beginners willing to invest some effort, it’s essential to be dedicated to their care to prevent any issues, as neglect can lead to the demise of the colony.


Every purchase includes a care guide, and here’s a concise version: Maintain a temperature at or below 82 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep the nest adequately humid by following the watering schedule using the designated “water ports” at opposite ends—small amounts every 3 or 4 days or larger amounts every two weeks. In the outworld, provide leaves and flowers; dried vegetation is preferred, but experimenting with fresh is fine—just ensure there are no small bugs on them. Additionally, consider offering steel cut oats, a favored choice that ants can cut into smaller pieces for their fungus.

Multiple Queens

The leafcutter ants we offer are the Arizona Acromyrmex versicolor species, typically sold in groups containing up to 5 queens within a single colony. What sets this species apart, particularly the ones found in Arizona, is their unique behavior where queens can coexist for several years before one eventually takes over. It’s important to note that this multiple queen arrangement is temporary, and only one queen will ultimately lead the colony. This temporary coexistence of multiple queens is known as pleometrosis.

Live Arrival Guarantee

Our live arrival policy for leafcutter ants guarantees at least one queen from the group, and a viable fungus garden, ensuring a successful start to your colony, provided that you choose overnight shipping. Please see our Live Arrival Policy for guarantee requirements.

What’s in the Box?

When you receive a healthy Acromyrmex versicolor colony housed in an AntGear small acro pod, your package will include:

  • A thriving colony featuring up to 5 queens and at least 1 worker.
  • An Acro Pod* nest where the fungus and ants live (see photos).
  • A foraging outworld where you will place the plant material for the ants (see photos)
  • A viable fungus garden, which may have shifted during shipping but can be carefully re-arranged by the colony within days.
  • A hydration syringe for precise water measurement to maintain optimal humidity.
  • A comprehensive 14-page, full-color care guide to ensure the well-being and success of your ant colony.

* Acro Pods are petri-dish style nests based off of this instructional video, presented by Miles Maxcer, an entomologist at the University of Florida.


Please refer to the FAQ page for more information

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