Leafcutter Expansions


We have had great success housing our leafcutters in these petri dish-style nests.

We will do our best to match the color you want.

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Product Description

A small nest will last a brand new 5-queen colony about 8 months.  Most colonies will fit well in a medium setup for at least a year.  The large expansion will last for years.  Connect the expansion to your current nest with the included vinyl tube and allow the ants to move on their own.

Hydration:  the nest humidity should remain at 100% and water should be added to maintain this amount.  If you aren’t sure what the humidity is, add water weekly or bi-weekly depending on your observations of how well they are doing.  An analog humidity sensor can be added to the setups to see what the humidity percentage is.

Warning: Do not force-move your colony into the setup.  You should add these as expansions, not replacements for existing housing.  Leafcutter ants are very sensitive to being moved and have been known to fight and attack each other, including the queen when they are forced to move.  They will move on their own accord.

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