Leafcutter Queens

This is a limited time opportunity to get a 5-queen leafcutter colony at a record low price.

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Product Description

COMING SOON. Waiting for workers.

What’s Included

These queens were captured recently in a nuptial flight. They have been gathered into groups of 5. Your order will include 5 queen leafcutter ants (A. versicolor), a very small fungus garden, and a small deli-cup nest with a blunt-tipped syringe for adding water to the water port (underneath the gypsum cement). There will be eggs in the fungus but no larvae or pupae and no workers. There is no guarantee that these queens are fertile, although we personally caught them after they finished mating and the queens took off their wings. They were captured before digging so the original fungal pellets could be retained.

About Leafcutters

These are not your typical ants!  These ants have sharp jaws that cut leaves and flowers into tiny pieces.  They carry the plant matter back to their nest where the pieces decay.  Fungus grows in the decaying leaves and flowers, and the ants eat this fungus.  We call this a “fungus garden” and the ants are the farmers.  Each colony typically contains one or more queen ants that lay eggs into the fungus.

Care Guide

Basic instructions are included but we recommend you do research before purchasing. These are very different ants than the ones that eat insects. Remember, when you buy a pet you need to be knowledgeable ahead of time to make sure you know how to care for it.

Difficulty Level

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AZ, CA, NM, and TX

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