Leafcutter Acropolis


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Product Description

The Acropolis is an Acro Pod* nest expansion system for Acromyrmex versicolor, the leafcutter species we sell.  With this setup, the colony expands to a nearby pod when the current one is full of fungus.  Eventually, all of the pods will be full!  We have found that the ants do very well in the small nests in particular but they do outgrow them every 6-8 months or so.  Just make sure to put nest plugs (included) on the sides of the starting pod so the ants won’t have room to roam around.  We believe they feel more comfortable in a small space where they can huddle together.

Note: We make these after orders are placed and it can take an additional 4-5 days before it is shipped.


* Acro Pods are petri-dish style nests based off of this instructional video, presented by Miles Maxcer, an entomologist at the University of Florida.


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