Esthetic Ants Medium Ytong Nest


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Product Description

This medium Esthetic Ant’s nest is made of ytong, and is enclosed in a red 3D-printed container with an acrylic lid. Ytong is a type of aerated concrete block that is a lightweight material made from cement, lime, and silica sand, with small air pockets throughout. The air pockets make the material lightweight, while also providing insulation.

Nest details and specifications

  • Either 10mm or 5mm deep (Photos are 10mm deep)
  • Nest dimensions: 4.17″ x 4.76″ x 1.10″ (108 x 63 x 28 mm)
  • Chambers are either 10mm or 5mm deep (photos are 10mm deep)
  • The ytong block holds moisture that can be added via the water port at the side of the formicarium.
  • Escape proof mesh embedded into the frame.
  • Clearview acrylic held down with screws (can be easily removed if needed). We don’t recommend removing all the screws.
  • 10 mm and 15 mm access port for easy connection.
  • Nest can be used both vertically and horizontally by rotating the water port


Add 3 ml of water every 4 to 6 days.


Small species like Lasius niger 200-750 workers
Species like Camponotus 150-750 workers


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